Nominations and Memberships

Israel Garage Doors: Community Involvement

Member of the Richmond Hill Character Community

2013 to Present

The Richmond Hill Character Community Initiative has an ongoing mission to engage businesses and organizations in positive character development and to work toward their vision of having Richmond Hill lead in community character development. RHCCI recognizes these character attributes: compassion, courage, fairness, honesty, inclusiveness, initiative, integrity, optimism, perseverance, respect and responsibility. The RHCCI is aligned with the Character Community Foundation of York Region.  Israel Garage Doors has been a member since 2013.

Member of the Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

2017 to 2018

Israel Garage Doors is a member of the Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC). The THCC focus is to support economic development for Hispanic Businesses in Canada. They bridge business opportunities for Hispanics and Canadians. Their purpose is to promote and support the business activities of their members; to facilitate business opportunities; and to unite all Hispanics in the Toronto GTA. Their members are part of a flourishing business network that provides support, mentorship and connections.